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Alexandros Pagidas is a philosopher and entrepreneur. He finished his MA in Philosophy at the University of Reading. After moving to the Bay Area, he co-organized events on evolving ideas into startups at Microsoft and Google, co-founded Patent Safari, originally a startup that automatically tracked IP online that eventually transformed into a boutique patent firm, was a philosopher-in-residence at Silicon Valley startup accelerator Blackbox, and co-founder of TheGlint, “the most idealistic and ambitious of all San Francisco’s hacker houses” according to Buzzfeed. After visiting Tibetan and Zen Buddhist monasteries in Nepal and Japan, he was invited to be a Visiting Researcher at Hong Kong Polytechnic University, School of Design, where he was called upon to reimagine the concept of the monastery, and subsequently started the Evolving Caravan. He has been a member of the global community of Sandbox since 2010, serving as Athens ambassador during 2017, and having his essay “On Morality and Community” featured in the Sandbox publication On Community. His current interests are political entrepreneurship, love, community building, and the creation of synergies between the cultural scenes of the sacred, erotic, and the aesthetic.

Open to collaborations, synergies and consulting projects related to Transformational Entrepreneurship, The Philosophical Fight Club, and anything falling under these three initiatives. He enjoys speaking, writing, and co-creating events and experiences about issues related to philosophy, politics, science, art, technology and society. You can get in touch with him through social media or this contact page.

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