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Don’t Philosophize Only with a Hammer

31 Jul 2017, Posted by Alexandros in Philosophy Reborn, Writings

An exploration of one of the dimensions of judgment, the vertical dimension, which deals with how aware you are of the factors that determine the way you think. This post focuses on how certain mental habits and presuppositions affect how...

The Art of Enquiry

05 Jul 2010, Posted by Alexandros in Philosophy Reborn, Writings

“I already know how to ask questions, what more is there to learn?” Under normal circumstances, nobody receives extensive lessons in the use of one’s hands and fingers for everyday tasks like grasping, carrying, moving etc. In the same way, when...

Life has no brakes

10 May 2006, Posted by Alexandros in Writings

“Moral education” sounds like something contemporary teenagers would skip to go skateboarding. Why? Don’t they care about what is good for them? Of course they do. That is why they skipped class to go skateboarding! Contemporary teenagers are not corrupt!...