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On the freedom to be wrong

25 Aug 2016, Posted by Alexandros in Works, Writings

We should be careful to allow our fellow men to make even great mistakes against themselves to avoid the greatest of them all: their enslavement to our own judgment....

A Vision with Unorthodox Foundations

01 Feb 2016, Posted by Alexandros in Writings

If the vision I’m referring to can be said to have a foundation, that would be philosophy, as conceived by the ancient Greeks, and the awareness of human ignorance and fallibility. Could we build on such an unorthodox foundation as...

Philosophical Confessions

10 Oct 2014, Posted by Alexandros in Writings

“As our circle of knowledge expands, so does the circumference of darkness surrounding it.” - Albert Einstein Anyone who has profoundly experienced the increasing circumference of darkness that accompanies one's intellectual development cannot but feel awe, in its original sense of dread...