Perhaps it’s a form of compassion

16 Jul 2014, Posted by Alexandros in Writings

Perhaps it’s a form of compassion.
This extended delay in keeping your promise,
creating the wound you know would flow
not with blood but with poetry

Perhaps you’ve read your Kierkegaard1
and realized that my lips are appropriately fashioned
and all you needed to add was some extra anguish
and wait for the blissful music

Only the poet feels his pain
But everybody can enjoy his music
The product of my pain
your gift to the greatest number
your conscience acquitted
by the court of utility

You see that’s my way
of keeping your dignity (and mine)
Adding a noble motive
in lieu of your forgetfulness that is breaking
your promise

It protects my original sentiment from being
a solipsistic affair
of a ‘solitary character, with a truant heart’2
who felt he had grown past the stage
of falling in love
with those who wouldn’t fall
with him




1. See the beginning of Kierkegaard’s Diapsalmata. This also explains the use of the brazen bull picture above.
2. From “Different Hours” by Stephen Dunn, which can be found here.

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