Homo Acinonyx

24 May 2014, Posted by Alexandros in Writings

If I could stay long enough
at a cliff overlooking the sea
I would finally meet you.

If I could voice the words that make us different from the rest
yet similar to one another
singing them at the right places
or spreading them like a madman in search of another
each syllable a lantern
then perhaps you would hear my song
and come closer.

It is said that in the wild
unless a female cheetah is chased several miles by its suitors
it fails to ovulate or be sexually receptive.
Where will we ever find the space for a run beloved?
Stuck in urban labyrinths devoid of plains.
When will we free our minds long enough for a run beloved?
Living instagrams racing to inbox zero.

Don’t let me wait or run too long
lest I prefer the feeling of speed
and                                   freedom
to that of unrequited love.



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