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Dare to be wise

30 Apr 2016, Posted by Alexandros in Philosophy Reborn, Works, Writings

The philosophical fight club and agoge, is a setting and voluntary process, where you submit your collection of fundamental beliefs, goals, methods, practices, principles and values that make up your worldview and determine your behavior, actions, decisions and your attempts to understand, explain and master the world, to tenacious criticism for the sake of improvement, in a controlled environment.

Philosopher: Lover of Wisdom

05 Nov 2015, Posted by Alexandros in Writings

The second part of the series “What is Philosophy?” dives into Plato’s Symposium to reveal who the philosopher is.

Wisdom is more important than knowledge

25 Jul 2010, Posted by Alexandros in Writings

With the tremendous advancements in science human beings have reached the technological capacity to exterminate themselves and their world. In fact, at least one time we came pretty close to a nuclear war. Over the past decades, with the rise…

Wisdom and Hydrodynamics

01 Apr 2007, Posted by Alexandros in Writings

The good life is a correct balance between know-that and know-how. Knowing in an intellectual way is simply not enough for a full understanding and embodiment of wisdom. Theory without practice is impotent though we shouldn’t forget that practice without…

The Home of Philosophy is Life

10 Oct 2006, Posted by Alexandros in Writings

Philosophical theories are like homes in many ways. We take shelter in them from life’s weather. Some are built on firm foundations; others have none at all. There is no point digging deep foundations for a summer night in the…