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Don’t Philosophize Only with a Hammer

31 Jul 2017, Posted by Alexandros in Philosophy Reborn, Writings

An exploration of one of the dimensions of judgment, the vertical dimension, which deals with how aware you are of the factors that determine the way you think. This post focuses on how certain mental habits and presuppositions affect how we think about truth.

Poet by Necessity

11 Oct 2014, Posted by Alexandros in Writings

We find ourselves in a world we do not fully understand. The sheer changing complexity of everything around and inside us is as fascinating as it is overwhelming. Natural forces, both inner and outer act on us with what seems…

Perhaps it’s a form of compassion

16 Jul 2014, Posted by Alexandros in Writings

Perhaps it’s a form of compassion. This extended delay in keeping your promise, creating the wound you know would flow not with blood but with poetry Perhaps you’ve read your Kierkegaard1 and realized that my lips are appropriately fashioned and…

Homo Acinonyx

24 May 2014, Posted by Alexandros in Writings

If I could stay long enough at a cliff overlooking the sea I would finally meet you. If I could voice the words that make us different from the rest yet similar to one another singing them at the right…