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Philosophical Cartography

29 Nov 2016, Posted by Alexandros in Works, Writings

Philosophical cartography tries to create or retrieve maps, diagrams, missing puzzle pieces, games, software, pictures, stories and metaphors that aid in understanding and navigating existence.

Doing Philosophy

30 Nov 2015, Posted by Alexandros in Writings

In this third part of the series “What is Philosophy?” we’re going to focus mainly on what a philosopher does, who does philosophy, some of its effects and with who is it to be done with.


20 Sep 2013, Posted by Alexandros in Pages

  Introduction It is ironic that a formal education in philosophy today ends like an early Platonic dialogue: in aporia. It’s not just your wondering about how to find or create a job for yourself but the awkward fact that you…

Wisdom and Hydrodynamics

01 Apr 2007, Posted by Alexandros in Writings

The good life is a correct balance between know-that and know-how. Knowing in an intellectual way is simply not enough for a full understanding and embodiment of wisdom. Theory without practice is impotent though we shouldn’t forget that practice without…

The Dancers of Thought

01 Apr 2007, Posted by Alexandros in Writings

My mind works aphoristically. It comes up with insights about a variety of particular things effortlessly, but it takes me a lot of effort to put those insights together into a coherent system. When I try to put them together,…

Philosophy and Contemporary Man

03 Nov 2006, Posted by Alexandros in Writings

Just as our bodies go through a process of maturation from infancy to adulthood, so do our minds; and as improper nutrition hinders the growth of our bodies, so does improper education hinders the growth of our minds. Under harmful…