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Don’t Philosophize Only with a Hammer

31 Jul 2017, Posted by Alexandros in Philosophy Reborn, Writings

An exploration of one of the dimensions of judgment, the vertical dimension, which deals with how aware you are of the factors that determine the way you think. This post focuses on how certain mental habits and presuppositions affect how we think about truth.

Systematic without a System

19 Dec 2015, Posted by Alexandros in Writings

Why it makes sense to employ a philosophical methodology systematically used by Aristotle and Nietzsche by explaining why they used it despite it leading to contradictions and no overarching system.

Procrustes: An Examination of Novelty

18 Sep 2004, Posted by Alexandros in Writings

Though dwelling on the motives behind knowing is interesting, this will not be of immediate concern. My objective is to point out certain things regarding the nature of knowing and then use them to clarify certain issues. When we encounter…

Nietzsche on Force and Matter

01 Nov 2003, Posted by Alexandros in Academic Papers

This paper brings together a number of threads in Nietzsche’s thought to present a genealogy and critique of the ontological category of “things”. Some of these threads are: Nietzsche’s “naturalisation” of Kant via Darwin and his evolutionary epistemology, his insights on language, consciousness and the self, his reflections on atomism and his contributions on how to overcome it via ideas of force and process metaphysics, and finally, his rejection of the Kantian thing-in-itself.

An Attempt at a Genealogy of Cause and Effect

01 May 2003, Posted by Alexandros in Academic Papers

This paper is an effort to retrieve, connect and enhance certain ideas found throughout Nietzsche’s works that pertain to causality, in order to make a persuasive case of how our idea of causality came to be and what errors and naiveties were and may still be contained in it.