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On Ethical Selection

17 Dec 2016, Posted by Alexandros in Works, Writings

Introducing an analogy between natural and ethical selection, and how using the concept of moral fit can help us understand the conditions for moral change.

Perspectivism and the Necessary Injustice of Values

12 Dec 2005, Posted by Alexandros in Writings

There are certain things that are so close to us that we rarely pay attention to them, and when we do we misinterpret them, like the bacteria living in our eyes that when we happen to notice them (yes, they…

Is Evidence for Moral Principles Possible?

13 Jan 2003, Posted by Alexandros in Academic Papers

This paper is a product of a more general worry in Ethics. How do we adjudicate between moral systems that disagree? Are there rational ways with which can solve moral differences at the fundamental level? Can we create a general, impartial framework, which will help the adjudication?