Alexandros Pagidas

Homo Acinonyx

24 May 2014, Posted by Alexandros in Writings

If I could stay long enough at a cliff overlooking the sea I would finally meet you. If I could voice the words that make us different from the rest yet similar to one another singing them at the right…


09 Oct 2013, Posted by Alexandros in Writings

Perched on a remote high outcrop, you gaze. The immensity of nature takes over all thought, and for a moment you don’t exist. Any self-awareness vanishes in the unthinking witnessing of a landscape that though varied, is one. For a…

Love, Guilt and Ingratitude

20 Sep 2013, Posted by Alexandros in Aphorisms

An appeal to past loving actions rendered should only be made to defend oneself against the charge of ingratitude but never given as a reason for another to act. For that transforms love into a ledger and casts suspicion on…

Love is given never taken

16 Sep 2013, Posted by Alexandros in Aphorisms

Love is based on freedom from coercion, both internal and external. It cannot be bought with good deeds but brings them forth. Transactions in love concern only counterfeits. People who try to buy love with good behavior resemble those who think…

Reciprocity and Love

30 Aug 2013, Posted by Alexandros in Writings

Why do people whose love has not been reciprocated feel as if they were cheated out of something they deserve? Maybe it’s because most people view love as something that is given to others, and the fact that they did not receive…

Ultimate Truth and Virtue

28 Aug 2013, Posted by Alexandros in Aphorisms

Ultimate truth and virtue, when embodied, does not need to impose itself as it is recognized without effort by all, just like someone can recognize the light and warmth of the sun without knowing how it comes about.

Transgressing the letter of love

14 Apr 2013, Posted by Alexandros in Writings

When the spirit of love is gone people are ever more vengeful for the transgressions of its letter for they remind them of the absence of that which gave them their purpose.

Wisdom is more important than knowledge

25 Jul 2010, Posted by Alexandros in Writings

With the tremendous advancements in science human beings have reached the technological capacity to exterminate themselves and their world. In fact, at least one time we came pretty close to a nuclear war. Over the past decades, with the rise…