Filiki Eteria: Overview

01 Mar 2016, Posted by Alexandros in Filiki Eteria, Writings

Filiki Eteria: Part of a Bigger Vision Filiki Eteria is one of the three initiatives announced in The Calling. Despite the initiatives being able to stand on their own, each relates and reinforces one another to create a bigger vision….

Filiki Eteria

01 Mar 2016, Posted by Alexandros in Initiatives

Developing novel and autonomous political communities composed of friends who, disillusioned with politics as usual, are willing to freely associate and exercise their right to self-determination. Designing new kinds of companies with disruptive structures that treat people with dignity while going after more interesting goals than the mere pursuit of profit. Implementing Regenerating Freedom and Philosophy Reborn locally while helping others do it globally.

The Calling

01 Feb 2016, Posted by Alexandros in Writings

Is not the task that creates the preconditions for the achievement of extraordinary tasks not itself extraordinary? It is to such a task that I am calling you. It is the only endeavor, the only “startup”, with which I have no hesitation to look straight into your eyes and tell you: Join me.

A Vision with Unorthodox Foundations

01 Feb 2016, Posted by Alexandros in Writings

If the vision I’m referring to can be said to have a foundation, that would be philosophy, as conceived by the ancient Greeks, and the awareness of human ignorance and fallibility. Could we build on such an unorthodox foundation as the awareness of human ignorance and fallibility? And if we could, how would such a building look like? What forms of life would it be able to host?

Regenerating Freedom

01 Feb 2016, Posted by Alexandros in Initiatives

Creating an open, replicable, adaptive, decentralized, regenerative and iterative framework, dedicated to the minimization of unwanted human labor and the maximization of spare time, without harming the environment, depending on the government or requiring the servitude of others, that anyone could build anywhere in the world at a low cost and achieve a dignified life with only ~2 hrs of necessary labor a day.

The Challenge

01 Feb 2016, Posted by Alexandros in Regenerating Freedom, Writings

The end of the Industrial Revolution gave rise to an unfulfilled promise, that technology would liberate us from the struggle for existence and create enough freedom for everyone to fulfill their highest aspirations. It didn’t happen – and what we can do about it.