Philosophy Reborn

13 Mar 2016, Posted by Alexandros in Initiatives

Recalling the original meaning of philosophy in theory and practice by creating an Academy in the spirit of antiquity and ending philosophy’s dismemberment and self-imposed exile from the public sphere, recognizing no departmental borders to its activity, utilizing technology to universally augment philosophical activity, and reclaiming domains currently hijacked by charlatans and modern sophists while offering something better — for free. Philosophy Reborn is about daring to be wise, through a philosophical fight club and agoge, restarting the Enlightenment — and this time — getting it right.

Filiki Eteria

01 Mar 2016, Posted by Alexandros in Initiatives

Developing novel and autonomous political communities composed of friends who, disillusioned with politics as usual, are willing to freely associate and exercise their right to self-determination. Designing new kinds of companies with disruptive structures that treat people with dignity while going after more interesting goals than the mere pursuit of profit. Implementing Regenerating Freedom and Philosophy Reborn locally while helping others do it globally.

Regenerating Freedom

01 Feb 2016, Posted by Alexandros in Initiatives

Creating an open, replicable, adaptive, decentralized, regenerative and iterative framework, dedicated to the minimization of unwanted human labor and the maximization of spare time, without harming the environment, depending on the government or requiring the servitude of others, that anyone could build anywhere in the world at a low cost and achieve a dignified life with only ~2 hrs of necessary labor a day.