Alexandros Pagidas

Makers or Slaves?

06 Feb 2017, Posted by Alexandros in Videos

How do our views around technology, leisure and work determine our present and future? The talk embedded below, which I originally recorded for BIL Davos 2017 and a different version of it for Maker Faire Athens, mixes data about the…

On Ethical Selection

17 Dec 2016, Posted by Alexandros in Works, Writings

Introducing an analogy between natural and ethical selection, and how using the concept of moral fit can help us understand the conditions for moral change.

Philosophical Cartography

29 Nov 2016, Posted by Alexandros in Works, Writings

Philosophical cartography tries to create or retrieve maps, diagrams, missing puzzle pieces, games, software, pictures, stories and metaphors that aid in understanding and navigating existence.

On the freedom to be wrong

25 Aug 2016, Posted by Alexandros in Works, Writings

We should be careful to allow our fellow men to make even great mistakes against themselves to avoid the greatest of them all: their enslavement to our own judgment.

On Leadership

30 Jul 2016, Posted by Alexandros in Works, Writings

Leadership is not just about expertise. To make a fetish out of the techniques of leadership is to glorify the means over and above the ends.

Autodialectics: The Socrates Software

29 May 2016, Posted by Alexandros in Autodialectics, Philosophy Reborn, Works, Writings

Introduction In an earlier overview I outlined what encyclopedias (even modern ones like Wikipedia) are missing, the abilities and limitations of human teachers and how autodialectics refers to any attempt to automate dialectical reasoning thereby overcoming those limitations, expanding those…

Academy Reborn

30 Apr 2016, Posted by Alexandros in Philosophy Reborn, Works, Writings

Academy Reborn is an attempt to organically develop a philosophical academy in the spirit of antiquity with a philosophical fight club and agoge as described in Dare to be wise.